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Why Do We Need an Elder Law Attorney?

Though the term Elder Law attorney might suggest that such attorneys only work with the elderly, this area of law is much broader and applies to families in all states of development. Advanced Directives, Power of Attorney, and Living Wills are foundational legal documents that can help protect your family during a crisis. However, when a loved one is nearing the end of their life, in long-term-care, or suffering from a complicated medical history, an Elder Law attorney has the specialized knowledge to address these issues and find the best possible course of action for your family. 

End of Life pLanning

End of Life Planning starts with a heart-to-heart conversation about your family’s needs and goals. Then we help provide you with a series of documents and protocols that will  protect family resources and secure the comfort of your loved one as they near the end of their life. 

Medicare / Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid claims and appeals can be a complicated process, especially when you have a family member in need of medical treatment. We will navigate this process with you to ensure that your loved one gets the care they need. 

Wills and Estates

Wills and Estate Planning are things that people tend to think only applies to the elderly. But when a crisis or unexpected tragedy occurs, having these documents in place can save your family from years of legal hardships. 


Trust Agreement documents can help provide for your family members and protect your legacy long after you’re gone. But your goals are Individual to you and your family. We ensure that your original intentions are respected and protected.

Planning for the future

Make Your Own Opportunities

Whether you’re looking to protect your nest egg during long-term care situations or wanting to ensure your financial legacy for generations to come, End of Life Planning is an essential part of managing your assets and maintaining your quality of life.
Wills and estates


probate law

long-term care

Medicare / Medicaid

End of Life planning


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Caring for Your Aging Parents

Caring for an aging parent can be a stressful and difficult job. Our Elder Law attorneys are passionate about advocating for families and their loved ones, and we have the experience and knowledge required to successfully advocate for you and your family. 

The Way Forward

Legal Roadmaps for the Road Ahead

Life can be full of obstacles, but Estate Planning doesn’t have to be one of them. Our legal advisors have spent decades learning how to avoid the potholes and pitfalls so that you don’t have to.
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